Immanent (Mandegar)



Khane kharabe to shodam, be sooye man ravaane sho
Sajde be eshghat mizanam, monjie javedane sho
Ey koohe por ghoroore man, sange saboore to manam
Ey lahze saze asheghy, asheghe ba to boodanam

Roshantarin setare-am
mikhahamat mikhahamat
to mandegary dar delam
midanamet midanamat

Ey hameye vojoode man
naboode to naboode man

Postat de Vanda la Joi, 11/12/2008 - 15:40
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I became ruined for you, come toward me
I bow down for your love, become the perennial saviour
O my honorable montain, I'm your patient one
O moment-maker of love, I love to be with you

O my the most bright star
I want you, I want you
you'd stay in my heart
I know you, I know you

O my whole soul
your absence is my absence

Postat de Vanda la Joi, 11/12/2008 - 15:40
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