I am sorry (Me fal)

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I am sorry

i know, i wasn't perfect
i had a big love
now, me much because self < don't understand this one
si ta kaloj jeten
love has faults
i have hurt you, my only one
now i am apologizing "now i am asking for an apology from you" po te kerkoj - i am asking from you falje-forgiveness
there isn't an exit anymore <- literally this is correct but this also means there is no other choice
like five minutes sikur - even for like 5 more minutes edhe means more
to live them in this life
i want you to wake it < ???
because it doesn't live itself - "because you can't live alone"
me fal per imtesira
me fal per xhelozi
me fal se pa ty smundem
pa ty jeta ska kuptim
now i know where you went
you caused me many wounds
but i had the blame myself
the long nights don't go
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Me fal

e di,perfekt nuk isha
dashuri te madhe kisha
tasht mua ma shum se veten
now more then myself
how to overcome life "how will i live my life (without you)"
dashuria ka gabime
te kam lendu e vetmja ime

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