My dreams (Moje sanje)

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My dreams

today I can feel again how you're close to me
this day is beautiful eventho it's not
it's playing with thoughts, I'm over the top
and i think everyone can notice this
this is going to be my evening because you're here
because your look activates me again
this is my moment, there's no limits
everything can happen
my dreams
is travelling and we're taken to the sky
my dreams
come, step in, only we exist here
you turned on the stars and turned off the lights
what am I expecting and where am i taken to
i'm worries about where is the right energy
when the sky will appear, there'll be sunset
our love will remain for always
whatever happens, the great ones should change
that a feeling is in a hug of eternity
Postat de Guest la Vineri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Moje sanje

Danes spet čutim kako si blizu mi
ta dan je lep čeprav sploh ni
igra se z misli in kar razganja me
in zdi se da to lahko vsak opazi

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