I am not ashamed [ Не се срамувам (Ne se sramuvam) ]

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I am not ashamed

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let's make all the dogs bark
to start rumour about us
give an idea and we'll make it right away Actually I am not sure if she says this, coz I can't hear it perfectly right
the paparazzi to take photos again
I am not ashamed of this
I kiss as you wished
I dance as if I make sex
and everyboby look at me and you
диги да да таб таб
диги да да таб таб
let everybody think bullshits/balderdash
let the glasses become salt
it gets/it can be pleasant [nice ] in many ways
you choose, doesn't matter what
Postat de velvet_sky la Vineri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Не се срамувам (Ne se sramuvam)

Да разлаем всички кучета
да се пусне слух за нас
дай идея и го правим на мига
папараците да снимат пак
Не се срамувам от това
целувам както пожела
танцувам сякаш правя секс

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