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the colors are disappearing, the sky is disappearing

from the darkness someone is coming

in a silver clothes, with lights

they are bringing the news that you're gone

on a piece of paper is her goodbye

(?) venus and in it goodbye

where is my pride

my effort my braveness

what's the reason that you're gone from here

i know I was platinum and you wanted fake

i was an angel but for you a devil

I was the king of the whole world

but your home is on Venus and I don't know the way to get there

I don't know

Her smell remains in a frame a contour

torn songs and sound

in an empty desert I'm still waiting for them

fear remains, I know they are not coming

now i'm writing words for her in the sand

and I'm hoping for a reflection to venus

I would give anything to find out why and how

i would give anything to show what I can

and again it's evening

a planet is above me again

I'm loosing all my power

I'm getting blind

sounds, visions, everything is colapsing

everything is curving, but I can't

but I know I can

and I know I can

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