Beginning of the end (Pocetak kraja)

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Beginning of the end

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It couldn't last for me
I knew it from the first kiss
but I'm giving my all till the end
as if i'm going to grow old with you
You don't have anything to be sorry about
you've never loved me
cause from the first day
you've offered me the beginning of the end
Come at least talk to me for a while
we can drink coffee together
and then pack your belongings
kiss me and say: that's (the end of) that
Ref. 2x
If we ever meet, pass me by
Pass me by as if we don't know one and another
that's the only way you'll be able to help me
so that I can get over you
If we are nothing but strangers at night
I'll know that everything is lost
Postat de NPazarka la Marţi, 23/12/2008 - 15:10

Pocetak kraja

Nije mi moglo da traje
od prvog poljubca sam znala to
a ja do kraja se dajem
kao da ostaricu sa tobom
Nemas ti sto da se kajes
nisi me nikada ni voleo
jer ti od prvoga dana

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