Rakastaa Ei Rakasta (Rakastaa / Ei Rakasta)

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Rakastaa Ei Rakasta

Again I dig a grave for my joys
hang my sorrows
no feelings
no weaknesses

I'll watch for a while how
a fly dies a natural death
I can't wait
I want to crush it

I wonder why every mornig in my head
the death knells ring, the death knells ring
I wonder what's wrong when I can't decide
to love or not to love

But still the heart of a man beats
the homeless one beats
even though the wretched one has bean beaten to unconsciousness

I wonder how I (could) not take
(voisin = I could) the medicine I push
myself, poison my head with it


The flower is beautiful it's dead
buried under the rocks
Under the bottom of the depths of hell

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Rakastaa / Ei Rakasta

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