Sunrise [ Svitanok (Світанок) ]

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The night amazes us with stars,
Everybody is searching for his own,
An etarnal happiness doesn’t exist.
Someone will lose his way, but somebody...
I want that so much,
Will remember about the sun,
And will find his destiny.
Where is my day,
Where is my sunrise,
Where will the sun appear-
And hide the night in a dream.
My day will come
And tell me-
Where is the answer
To all my questions.
I will greet the grasses,
I will cross the bridges.
In the sky of sunrise all the colours
Somebody will not see, but somebody...
I want that so much, will greet me,
And will head to the sun.
Don’t let it into your heart,
Don’t let it
The sadness of empty nights,
Everything becomes the past.
Meet the sun, meet the sun.
The sunrise erases
Yesterday’s past.
Just don’t lose,
Don’t lose your faith,
In a moment of sunrise
To begin everything again
Remember, just remember,
Where the sun rises,
Your future you will find
I know it...
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Svitanok (Світанок)

Ніч нас дивує зірками,
Кожен шукає свою,
Вічного щастя немає.
Хтось заблукає, а хтось,
Я так хочу,
Згадає про сонце,
Майбутнє своє віднайде

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