Save the planet (Salvati planeta)

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Save the planet

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The winter has passed over him
It's spring again
Look, there's a snowdrop
Flowers spring on fields
And butterflies fly thousands and thousands
Around me
Stop, save the planet, stop
There's still a hope, come on
There's still spring in May
The winter has passed over him
It's spring again
Refrain x2
Sun, I'm asking you something
Take in your attention
The winter with snowflakes
The autumn with ruby lips
Ruby, ruby...
Golden. golden, golden....
And delayed...
Refrain x2
Stop, save the planet, stop,
Stop, save the planet, stop...
Postat de Raisa-Miruna la Joi, 10/01/2008 - 22:00
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Salvati planeta

A trecut iarna peste el
E primavara iar
Iata un ghiocel
Rasar florile pe campii

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