I`ll go with you [ Тръгвам с тебе (Tragvam s tebe) ]

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I`ll go with you

Do you want to run away with me, do you want?
If you want, just tell
With pockets without money
illegaly happy, only me and you
Take me to a place which is forgoten by people and gods
Kiss me there in the sunrize for 10 minutes at least!
/tragvam s tebe tragvam navsyakade/
/kolko oshte tryabva da chakame/
/zasluzhavame manichko shtastie/
/za deset minuti pone/
/sklyuchih sdelka s boga i s dyavola/
/veche nyama koy da me spre/
/tragvam s tebe, tragvam navsyakade/
/ot devetiya krag na ada chak do sedmoto nebe/
Do you wanna run away, do you want?
not for a day, for two or three.
Unreal happy and really alive,
only me and you.
Give me that love - promise?
Whole live unknown where
Make me a confession like this,
for atleast 10 minutes!
Postat de Guest la Vineri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Тръгвам с тебе (Tragvam s tebe)

Искаш ли да избягаме,искаш ли?
Искаш ли,само кажи!
С безпарични джобове,
незаконно щастливи,само аз и ти.
Заведи ме на място забравено и от хора,и богове.
Целувай ме там на разсъмване за 10 минути поне!

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