Ветром стать [ Vetrom Stat' (Ветром стать) ]

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Ветром стать

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When I'll die - I'll become a wind
And I'll live above your roof
When you'll die you'll become the Sun
And still you'll be higher than me
I'll be an autumn wind somewhere
(I'll) fly with you as a wind around the world
You won't understand and I will insensibly
whisper you warmly "Ah, Sun, where are you?"
But don't be the Sun yet!
Listen to me, I'll sing songs from the roofs for you
I will again be the one you're breathing
Becoming a wind is the only thing left for me
I will only wait for your smile
And will listen to your records
(I'll) gather the snowflakes from your eyelashes
Becoming a wind is the only thing left
When I'll die I'll become a wind
To fall down on the ground as the first snow
to fly with you around the world laughing
And no one is happier in this world
When you will die you'll become the Sun
And will steal my frosts
And mimosa will bloom in the gardens
And (weird phrase, can be read as the heart's ice will become tears or the tears will become the heart's ice)
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Vetrom Stat' (Ветром стать)

Когда я умру - я стану ветром
И буду жить над твоей крышей
Когда ты умрёшь ты станешь солнцем
И всё равно меня будешь выше
Осенним ветром я буду где-то
Летать с тобой ветром по свету
Ты не поймёшь, а я незаметно

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