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I sing to my age, alas!
I sing the colours that still are
And the love that I am given
The mornings of this world
They are windows to see
And they also wish
A world without weapons in hand
I sing this truth, alas!
I sing in the light of my sun
The sun of my entire world
I wanted to save it, alas!
Save it for you
To hold in my hand and give
Give it just to you
But there are so many weapons, alas...
And what power do I have?
And what power do you have?
We have only a voice, singing loudly
Only our voices, singing so loudly
It is now, now is the time
It is now, now is the time
I will sing at dawn
Until the sun breaks through
I will lead a good life
I will sing, always sing
And to each person
I will sing this song
I will remind the entire world
Of its condition
And thus I will also sing
As I have always sung
I will sing the love of the world
And everything that is good
I will sing with a lively voice
For the entire world
And thus peace is taught
In the best way
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Agora Canção aos Novos

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