Eida Al Menhali - Ala Fekra (على فكرة) (traducere în Engleză)


Ala Fekra (على فكرة)

على فكرة، على فكرة
ترى قلبي ملكت أمره
ملكت احساسي وروحي
وعقلي شاغلٍ فكره
حبيبي يا نظر عيني
مناية وبهجة سنيني
تجمّل لا تخليني
وأنا في داخلي جمرة
لقاك يعالج أعواقي
وتجنح صوبك أشواقي
كنك بين الأحداقي
ملاذ الحب ع الفطرة
كلامك منوة أيامي
وقربك قمة أحلامي
ويروي قلبي الضامي
ويهدي للغلا زهرة
إذا تخطر على بالي
خفوقي فز في الحالي
أريدك تعرف أحوالي
وتعرف حبك وقدره
إذا تنادي أنا ألبيك
أنا لبيه يا قلبي
تفضل عيش في قربي
ولا تحرمني النظرة
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For example

For example, for example,
Look, my heart, this woman
Owns my feelings and my soul,
And even my mind is busy with this idea.
Oh, my beloved! Oh, glance of my eyes!
My wish and delight of my life!
Beautify my life and don't leave me.
There's cinder inside of me.
Meeting you treats my disorder
And my longings go towards you.
Your place is in my eyes.
The haven of love is innocence.
Your talkings are the taste of my days
And your presence close to me is the top of my dreams.
My heart shows me pleasure
And guides me to the most precious flower.
If you'd take a risk to leave me,
My fall will immediately win.
I want you to know my circumstances
And the power of your love.
If you call me, I'm all yours.
I'm all yours, my heart!
Please, live by my side
And don't refuse me to look at you.
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Sandy M    Duminică, 29/10/2017 - 17:51

Beautiful translation, but there are some lines I might suggest the correct translation if you allow me to.

-على فكرة، على فكرة > by the way, by the way
-ترى قلبي ملكت أمره > it seems that you have taken control over my heart
-ملكت احساسي وروحي > you owned my feelings …
- ويروي قلبي الضامي > (your presence close to me ..) waters my parched heart
-إذا تخطر على بالي > if you ever passed by my mind
- خفوقي فز في الحالي > my heart starts beating immediately
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wynbeiia    Luni, 30/10/2017 - 09:59

Wonderful suggestions. This is great. Thank you!