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I am a captain major ,
Pride of the gypsies.
And I have a sweet wife , ale !
How come she is not in commercials, ale !
I have been through the storms
But now the weather is good.
There's nothing, I just got hard, ale'd !
As if iron steeled, ale'd !
If you are a captain major,
You don't need a pistol
If you have good rank of pocket, ale'd !
Even a general stands straight , ale'd !
Postat de AdamR la Sâmbătă, 18/08/2012 - 15:11
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1) I think he says he is major in the navy, considering the furtuna in later lines. So, Captain Major sounds to me true enough that he is capitan to a military boat and his ranking is Major Smile.

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Eu sunt căpitan major1,
Reclama țiganilor.
Și am nevastă șucară, ale!
Cum nu e nici în reclamă, ale!
  • 1. this military rank doesn't exist. There are, though, ranks like sergent-major, plutonier-major, locotenent-major

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Calusarul     August 18th, 2012

Yeah, you and the singer probably know more than me about military ranks. Although now I think I remember the Shogun miniseries and somebody there being captain-major.
I only don't like the spelling of "through". If there had been (popular/regional form) "pân" instead of "prin", I wouldn't have said anything Tongue
Ah, and I think it's Gypsies in English, not tigans.

AdamR     August 19th, 2012

It is a debate in modern English literature today if "thru" is a proper word, but the consensus is that if any word that is used often enough by the people eventually becomes "proper".
Nevertheless, you are right on your points. Besides, they are innocent and harmless Smile
Thanks for corrections.