Asrun Dream

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Asrun Dream

Invited by the dream that’s imprisoned by the long night
In this empty room, I pray to the moon

Like a flickering light
I muttered, “If only the ache in my chest could become small”

I walk, fumbling in the dawn
The image of you bathed in light is etched into my memory
Even now, you are here

“Carved in your chest,
Your dim white memory is like ice…”
Perhaps you were nearby, but left nothing behind
Nothing but shadows

Those shadows and little sounds don’t build up
And quietly disappear

You smile at me with your innocent face
If those casual gestures were seen now
They would show courage
Your kindness

I realized that the things I was praying for were fleeting
I can’t do anything for you

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Asrun Dream

darkdigitalis     Octombrie 14th, 2015

ahhhh, Banana Fish. one of my favourites.