Violence [ Via (Βία) ]

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This is not laughter
it is panic
this is not fun
it is a drain
This is not a match
it is a war
this is not love
it is a rape
Fun without hope
laughter and hysteria
the grandstand changes
and violence wins
This is not a spark
it is a fire
this is not a forest
it is a desert
I can't find a lyric
I lose the rythm
this is not a song
it is a scream
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Via (Βία)

lyrics-music: Nikos Portokaloglou
Δεν είναι γέλιο
είναι πανικός
δεν είναι πλάκα
είναι οχετός.
Δεν είναι ματς
είναι πόλεμος

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