Back to School (C'est La Rentree)

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Back to School

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It's here, you're bored, the holidays are over
But you don't have a choice, you have to go back
You're going to have to slave away until next summer
Even though you're pissed off
I like you even though you're pissed off
It's not my fault, you're getting yourself trapped
School's for studying
Even though you're pissed off
Postat de Isis la Duminică, 25/09/2011 - 15:51
Comentariile autorului:

I've changed a few things to do with syntax becuase it was a wee bit dodgy in first translation. I've also swapped 'blasé' for 'bored' becacause no one really says blasé, 'saouler' for 'pissed off' and piéger for trapped (booby-trapped does not work).

Funny song though Smile

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C'est La Rentree

Ca y est t’es blasé, les vacances c’est terminé
Mais t’as pas le choix, t’es obligé d’y retourner
Va falloir que tu bosses jusqu’au prochain été
Malgré que tu sois saoulé

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MissCherry915 ani 22 de săptămâni
MissCherry91     Septembrie 25th, 2011

For the sentence "Even thought you're drunk" doesn't work here. You have to say "even thought you are pissed of " .Because in french "ça me saoule" means it pisses me off or it bothers me... You can also say "Je suis saoule" but here it means "I'm drunk"... I know that it is difficult Smile
Otherwise your translation is good!

Isis     Septembrie 25th, 2011

Ah - thanks, I wasn't sure about that sentence but that solves it. Cheers Smile