Roman guitar (Chitarra romana)

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Roman guitar

Under a starry mantle
I find Rome beautiful,
my lonely heart let down by love
wants to sing in the shadows
A silent fountain
and a balcony above,
oh a roman guitar
accompany me.
Play play guitar of mine
let my heart weep,
without home and without love
only you are there for me.
If the phonation is a little veiled
accompany me softly,
my beautiful lil'bakeress
isn’t on the balcony anymore.
Tiber’s waterside sleeps
while the river strolls,
I follow ‘cause it carries me along
and sweeps my heart away.
I see a distant shadow
and a star up there
oh roman guitar
accompany me.
If the phonation is a little veiled
accompany me softly,
my beautiful Fornarina
isn’t on the balcony anymore.
Oh roman guitar
accompany me.
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Chitarra romana

Sotto un manto di stelle
Roma bella mi appare,
solitario il mio cuor disilluso d'amor.
vuol nell'ombra cantar
Una muta fontana
e un balcone lassù,
o chitarra romana

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