Long distance - Love songs

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This regroup all the songs where the two lovers must overcome the distance

She is always waiting for his letters, saying he will come back,
when she has one she is walking on Sunshine,
but at the end she wants him to stay, and not just for a week end.

The two lovers are always travelling, which is hard for a Relationship
and meet sometimes, but they never live at the same hour
she tries to ignore it, but she always think of him, and loses her sleep
He feels lost without her

Cântec | Engleză Mitski

She is incredibly happy, because he is back!
each time they start all over again, and each time, she falls even
more in love with him, she needs to stay in the car to scream her joy

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A guy and a girl made the promess of never breaking up,
but as she went far away, he doesn't get anymore news
from her. now he realises this promess was a lie.

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The girl is far away, and trying to reassure him on the phone,
but he doesn't like this feeling, and becomes really jealous,
also by the fact that she is having fun beside of him. He
regrets this proximity control he had over her

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The guy stood in Madrid, ans she flew away. He is missing her, and
mostly affraid that she will meet someone else. because on the phone,
he notices she has a lot of really eager friends, and she is having a lot of fun

A girl is crying, because a boy has taken her heart with him, the
guy is a traveller, he is always on the move and might never come back.
The girl is wondering, what she is going to do, not to fall in despair

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