Cruel and Tender Mina (Cruelle et tendre Mina)

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Cruel and Tender Mina

May Heaven open and give me
My reason d'etre on earth
May it give, may it forgive
this warrior for having made the war
May heaven open and send me
This cause to which I can dedicate my life
For she loves Dracula at last,
And lays down upon my bed.
Prince, do not speak of Heaven
It is not your voice he hears
But who has left upon my honey lips
The taste of blood.
Love of my life, I abandon myself
Entirely to our prayers;
That heaven will forgive us
Casting out love to the flames [into hell]
Elhemina may the silence
Conceal your words,
Let our reign begin
Beyond the land of the dead.
As powerful as all the gods
At last I know all that I must know
And I know all I need to know,
I am the Prince with a thousand powers
Betroathed to you, my powerful Prince
I already love you;
Since the day of my birth,
I was destined for your arms.
Then let the stars shine
To tell me we will be happy
I swear to you we will be,
An evil arises to tear us apart.
What are you saying Elhemina,
You speak as one gone mad,
Not even walls can separate us,
From the poetry of our oath.
I carry within me a heavy secret
I am the Queen of an empire
Which will never live in peace
And lead to your destruction.
Love of my life, I abandon myself
Entirely to our prayers
That heaven will forgive us.
Already I see eternity
Where you enter into legend,
Sire, Master, my only love
Already I am cruel and tender
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* 'you speak as if you've gone mad'.
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Cruelle et tendre Mina

Que le ciel s'ouvre et qu'il me donne
Ma raison d'etre sur la Terre
Qu'il me donne et qu'il pardonne
Au guerrier d'avoir fait la guerre
Que le ciel s'ouvre et qu'il m'envoie
Celle a qui j'ai dedie ma vie
Pour qu'elle aime enfin Dracula
Et qu'elle se couche dans mon lit

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