You Give Me Wings (Daješ mi krila)

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You Give Me Wings

Hold me tight
So that I feel you
That gives me strength
That makes me happy
Hold me tight
Say "There's still goodness"
So that I fly with you
From beauty
It's been a long time since
We cried out of joy
We were never so near
Near to our dream
Well, words don't matter
Once souls meld together
Nothing matters
The heart knows
You give me wings
For (my) whole life
Love is real
Given by God
Only when it's shared
When you have someone
Someone of your own
(someone who) lives for you
(who) dies for you
That is a gift from God
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Daješ mi krila

Zagrli me jako
Da te osjetim
To mi snagu daje
To me èini sretnim
Zagrli me jako
Reci: "Ima još dobrote"
S tobom da poletim
Ood ljepote

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