Touch me [ Dokosvay me (Докосвай ме) ]


Dokosvay me (Докосвай ме)

Dokosvay me!
Chuvstvay me!
Znaesh, ot koga te zhaduvam.
Iskash da me machish li, kazhi?
Bavish li se da me doblizhish?
Iskam da me palnish sas lyubov i s tvoeto tyalo.
Iskam da se sleya s teb v edno.
Dishay v men!
Dokosvay me!
Transliteration submitted by pinkprincess933 on Duminică, 25/03/2012 - 15:00
Докосвай ме!
Чувствай ме!
Знаеш, от кога те жадувам.
Искаш да ме мъчиш ли, кажи?
Бавиш ли се да ме доближиш?
Искам да ме пълниш с любов и с твоето тяло.
Искам да се слея с теб в едно.
Дишай в мен!
Докосвай ме!
Postat de pinkprincess933 la Duminică, 25/03/2012 - 14:57
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Touch me

Touch me!
Fell me!
You know, for how long I desire you.
Say, do you want to torture me?
Do you getting close to me slowly?*
I want to fill me up with love and with your body.
I want to merge in one with you
Breath in me!
Touch me!
Postat de mariusmxm la Marţi, 24/04/2012 - 11:33
Comentariile autorului:

*Do you delay getting close to me?

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kdravia     Aprilie 24th, 2012

Бавиш ли се да ме доближиш? - that's how he tortures her - by getting close to her slowly instead of faster