Touch me [ Dokosvay me (Докосвай ме) ]


Dokosvay me (Докосвай ме)

Докосвай ме!
Чувствай ме!
Знаеш, от кога те жадувам.

Искаш да ме мъчиш ли, кажи?
Бавиш ли се да ме доближиш?
Искам да ме пълниш с любов и с твоето тяло.
Искам да се слея с теб в едно.

Дишай в мен!

Докосвай ме!

Dokosvay me!
Chuvstvay me!
Znaesh, ot koga te zhaduvam.

Iskash da me machish li, kazhi?
Bavish li se da me doblizhish?
Iskam da me palnish sas lyubov i s tvoeto tyalo.
Iskam da se sleya s teb v edno.

Dishay v men!

Dokosvay me!

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Postat de pinkprincess933 la Duminică, 25/03/2012 - 14:57
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Touch me

Touch me!
Fell me!
You know, for how long I desire you.

Say, do you want to torture me?
Do you getting close to me slowly?*
I want to fill me up with love and with your body.
I want to merge in one with you

Breath in me!

Touch me!

Postat de mariusmxm la Marţi, 24/04/2012 - 11:33
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*Do you delay getting close to me?

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kdravia     Aprilie 24th, 2012

Бавиш ли се да ме доближиш? - that's how he tortures her - by getting close to her slowly instead of faster