(Rail) Road [ Doroga (Дорога) ]

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(Rail) Road

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Wheels have been clacking, coaches have been rushed
An accordion has sung "Forward!"
Students have been jocking, soldiers have been bored
People of all classes have been
I've thought about many things, thought about different things
Smoking a cigarette in darkness
I've ridden in a coach on the most beautiful
On the most beautiful ground
Road, road
You know such many things
About my hard life
Road, road
There is a few of left time
Soon I'm coming home
Forgotten by God Russian miles
I like sadness of a trip
I remember plains, forests and graveyard
Holy great distance
The train will arrive, there is a few of left time
Kiss your girls' lips!
Not for nothing the accordion sounds
And smells smoke of cigarettes in the coach
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Doroga (Дорога)

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