My love (Dragostea mea)

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My love

Someone cries out from the abyss,
Maybe your voice is calling me again,
I search, isolated, wandering
Facing incomparable sorrows.
The darkness that hardened us
Blind, it snatched our blue horizon,
It passes through deep gorges,
Full of errors, our life. love
The moment that met us
Hard to find again, but it can (be found),
A star burns somewhere
And its light sees everything.
The shadow that hid you
Quickly chilled you, it will disappear.
Again from the sad exile
Bright child, you will appear. love
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Dragostea mea

Strigă cineva din hău,
Poate glasul tău iar ma cheamă,
Caut rătăcind stingher,
Înfruntând dureri fără seamăn.

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