I Am Barbu the Fiddler (Eu sunt Barbu Lăutarul)

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I Am Barbu the Fiddler

I am Barbu the Fiddler,
The conductor and the kobzar,
Who has played for many boyars
And to beautiful wedding ceremonies.
My kobza used to be well-renown
And has been honoured for a whole century
By the boyars in our land
And also by foreigners.
Dear nowadays boyars,
Good evening say I to thee,
I shall leave, I am fading
Like an old song.1
  • 1. old traditional song or a slow paced song
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Eu sunt Barbu Lăutarul

Eu sunt Barbu Lăutarul,
Starostele și cobzarul
Ce-am cântat pe la domnii
Și la mândre cununii.
Cobza mea a fost vestită,
Veac întreg a fost cinstită
De boierii de pe-aici,

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