Hi! I recently discovered some new French artists that I LOVE but the problem is I can't find the lyrics to their songs anywhere! The first artist is Amylie. There is a lot of stuff on her first album but I can't seem to find lyrics to any songs from her new album Le Royaume but particularly the song Les Filles. The second artist is Fleur. I found her music on iTunes and her music is great but I can't find lyrics or anything about her anywhere else. Her album Fille Normale consists of only four songs the one in particular being Une Histoire de Blouson. So if anyone can help me find these lyrics that would be awesome! Thanks

sydrhill     Octombrie 7th, 2012

Thanks sooooo much!! Big smile

    Octombrie 7th, 2012

Hé hé hé Maman tu veux pas me prêter ta chemise ?
T'inquiète j'te la rendrai demain ou peut-être jamais.
Hé hé hé Maman tu ressembles à la tour de Pise.
Tu penches plus qu'avant mais je sais que tu tomberas jamais.
Hé hé hé Maman tu veux pas repasser ma chemise ?
J'ai vraiment pas le temps j'suis déjà en retard comme jamais.
Eh eh eh Maman sois honnête, faut vraiment qu'tu m'dise :
c'est vrai qu'les parents ils aiment leurs gosse quoiqu'ils aient fait ?

Eh eh eh Eh eh hey
Eh eh eh Ah ah ouh

Hé hé hé Maman si on échangeait nos yaourts ?
J'les aime pas tellement ceux avec les morceaux d'cerise.
Hé hé hé Maman quand y reste plus qu'un seul yaourt
c'est jamais toi qui le prends sauf quand il est à la cerise.

Eh eh eh Eh eh hey
Eh eh eh Ah ah ouh

Hé hé hé Maman j'sais qu'tu regardes la télévision
mais écoute un moment ma toute dernière chanson.
Hé hé hé Maman OK j'veux bien qu'tu sois honnête
mais si tu trouves ça chiant moi j'me jette direct par la fenêtre.

Eh eh eh Eh eh hey
Eh eh eh Ah ah ouh

Le temps file à toute vitesse, oh là là !
Pas de bile, on serre les fesses mais voilà :
quand je viens à la maison
j'te pique la seule paire de chaussons.

Eh eh eh Eh eh hey
Eh eh eh Ah ah ouh (x2)

sydrhill     Octombrie 7th, 2012

I recently found a song of Fleur's on youtube so if someone would be willing to transcribe it for me that would be awesome Smile Here's the youtube link:

Knee427     Iulie 17th, 2012

You're soo welcome!! It's a pleasure to help Laughing out loud

Knee427     Iulie 16th, 2012

I'll translate her songs to Portuguese as soon as I have the time Laughing out loud

littlemcbeast     Iulie 15th, 2012

The lyrics were actually quite short. Here you go!


sydrhill     Iulie 16th, 2012

Thanks a million! I totally appreciate your help and you guys are the best!! :biggrin:

littlemcbeast     Iulie 15th, 2012

I transcribed the lyrics and translation to Fleur's "Une histoire de blouson" for you. I don't have her other songs though, so I can't help out with those.


I'll try and get around to Amylie's "Les filles" as well. I haven't had much time to listen to her new album yet, but her first one was excellent. "Mes oreilles" is so catchy. Smile

Knee427     Iulie 15th, 2012

Don't mention it! Laughing out loud

Knee427     Iulie 14th, 2012

Hey!!! I came across this site with some of Amylie lyrics: http://www.paroles-musique.com/paroles-Amylie-lyrics,a10366 Also, I edited her page here and added her country and sites. Smile

Regarding to Fleur, I only found some videos of her performing, no lyrics at all Sad

sydrhill     Iulie 14th, 2012

That's ok! Thanks soooooo much!!! I really appreciate it Smile