Russian to English translation needed

Услыши мя
Яко твои отрок азъ съм
Услыши мя
Из глубини возвах к тебе
Услыши мя
Вонми гласу моления моего
Услыши мя
И вопъл мои к тебе да приидет
Услыши мя
Вонже аште день скорблю
Услыши мя
Вонже аште день призову тя
Услыши мя
И не отврати лица твоего от мене


ivank23     August 29th, 2012

Yes, yes, they do exist in Macedonian also. For direct subject: (the first is the long form, the second the short)
1. Mene me | Мене ме
2. Tebe te | Тебе те
3. Nego go | Него го
Nea ja | Неа ја
For indirect subject:
1. Mene mi | Мене ми
2. Tebe ti | Тебе ти
3. Nemu mu | Нему му
Nejze ì | Нејзе ѝ.

We also have the tense aorist (минато определено свршено време).
Here is the Macedonian translation:

Слушни ме
Зашто јас сум Твое дете
Слушни ме
Од длабочината Ти викнав
Слушни ме
Слушни го гласот на молитвата моја
Слушни ме
И гласот мој до Тебе да дојде
Слушни ме
Зашто цел ден плачам
Слушни ме
Зашто цел ден те довикувам Тебе
Слушни ме
И не одврати го лицето Твое од мене

barsiscev     Octombrie 17th, 2012

Indeed, Church Slavic lang. was formed in the Balkan region on the basis of the live
language of South Slavs

Francesca13     August 23rd, 2012

Just a small addition to your interesting discussion:

"мя", "тя" - are shortened forms of Russian personal pronouns "МенЯ" и "ТебЯ". Such shortened forms do exist in modern Slavic languages like Serbian and Croatian (and maybe Macedonian?) - "meni" - "mi"; "tebi' - "ti"

The line "Из глубини возвах к тебе" - to be more precise - should be translated by a PAST tense (I called to you), like GwaGwa did it, because it is the so called "aorist" - an archaic past form, still preserved in e.g. Serbian. But it's only a matter of EXACT translation.

And one more thing, "И вопъл мои к тебе да приидет" can also be translated as "And MAY my voice reach you/MAY you hear my voice" - just to render this "да приидет" (still use it in modern Russian: "Да здравствует наша родина!"; "Да будет свет!" )

barsiscev     Octombrie 17th, 2012

тя = тебя
те = тебе
мня = меня
существуют и современном русском языке, но только устно.
Я те покажу, я тя выпорю!
У мня есть брат

    Iunie 9th, 2012

Spasibo, Marija, teper' uzhe jasnee. Smile

ЦойЖив     Iunie 9th, 2012

Для rakiuzo, яко - потому-что, Азъ - я, съм - есть, сейчас мы говорим - я твой друг, а раньше я есть твой друг. Раньше на этом языке говорили, теперь только молитвы в православной церкви читают и пишут.

ЦойЖив     Iunie 9th, 2012

The Slavic Church language isn't old. People still use not only for reading but writting too.

Hear me
Because I'm your child
Hear me
I'm calling you from the depth
Hear my praying voice
Hear me
And you'll hear my scream
Hear me
Because I'm mourning all day
Hear me
Because I'm calling you all day
Hear me
And do not hide your face from me

Felice1101     Iunie 9th, 2012

It is old-Slavic church language.

ivank23     Iunie 8th, 2012

Well, I read that these lyrics are in Russian and I just posted them here, without even cheching on Google Translate more carefully, not realising that this indeed, isn't Russian. Because my native language, Macedonian, and Russian are similar, or have some similarities, so to speak, I'd be able to understand the meaning easily.

But the thing is, these lyrics are in Old Church Slavonic (Старословенски јазик/Старославянский язык) and it gets confused with Russian most easily, because of the simple reason that out of all the modern Slavic languages, the Russian has the most similar alphabet, or more precisely -- the most similar version of the Cyrilic alphabet.

The lyrics are taken from an Orthodox prayer, I assume, because the Macedonian band „Мизар“/"Mizar" encorporated in their style: gothic rock, ethno and religious themes. Even now-a-days, big part of the prayers in the Macedonian Orthodox Church are sung in Old Chirch Slavonic, which in my opinion, is a wonderful tradition and an exellent way to keep the roots of our language.

(I'll add the translation later, and that is if I'm able to translate it all.)

I am so hyped about OCS now, btw. Laughing out loud

    Iunie 8th, 2012

Dejstvitel'no ochen' stranno, i tak interesno mne...
Ja ponimaju 2-ju stroku kak- "Ja sam tvoe ditja zhe" ili "Ja tvoj otrok (otrostok) azh sam".

GwaGwa     Iunie 8th, 2012

where did you get these lyrics? if it is meant to be Russian, it sorta misses the mark. it kind of resembles Russian but not more than that. from what i can gather it goes like this:

Hear me
----- (makes no sense to me)
hear me
from the depth i returned to you
hear me
hear the sound of my prayers
hear me
and my screams will reach you
hear me
hear me
----- ill call you forth
hear me
and dont turn your face away from me

but again, this is really far from proper Russian