Hi Can someone tell me what this says?



basil     Februarie 17th, 2012

hi all

I would be greatful if someone coould translate the following hebrew text. I believe it is my sons name and his date of birth. We thought his name was irish that we gave him but it turns out to be hebrew. This is what i was given but i cant make sence of it. If someone could tell me what it says i would be so please.
ז.א.נ. איטצ'יסון

ח׳ בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשס״ז

cheers look forward to any help.

RudyG     Martie 23rd, 2012

I believe it says
Zeev Itchison

18th of Tishrei 5767

Note: It looks like 18 is written backwards. It should be yod het. Unless it is just het then it would be the 8th of Tishrei.

zamotico     Februarie 7th, 2012

hola quiero aprender hebreo oral y escrito ¿me podrán ayudar?

petitcherie     Ianuarie 26th, 2012


    Ianuarie 26th, 2012

Thank you!!

bugmenot     Ianuarie 26th, 2012

Read as: Yehova
A biblical word meaning God.

    Februarie 18th, 2012

Lume - To be more precise: It is translated into English as Yahweh. The King James Version of the Bible used an incorrect translation of Jehovah which persists in English. It is the covenant name of God meaning, "I am who I am." It first appears in Exodus 3 where Moses encounters God in the burning bush.