Forever (Für Immer)

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Tonight I have raised our flag
And tested the wind
Oh god, how I've missed this surf
Look how the wind blows!
Set the sail
Come on board forever
Take my hand, I'll never leave you alone
Come dive with me into eternity
The wave comes; it's high tide
The water towers upon itself
I cut the sail and you ready yourself
For the last launch
Feel the welling sea
Kiss the sea forever
The storm has gathered our sunken ship
I see no shore
No distant land and no rescuing reef
Around us is just the dead sea
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Für Immer

Ich hab heute Nacht unsere Flagge gehisst
und habe Wind gesäet.
Oh Gott ich hab diese Brandung vermisst.
Schau wie der Wind sich dreht!
Setz die Segel.
Komm an Bord für immer.

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