Flower of the Meadow (Gedon Kukka)

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Flower of the Meadow

Ooh, how sweet flower of the meadow
flower of the meadow x2
Hey, flower of the meadow
I want to push you
And I dig how you
dress up every day like going out (to party)
And you are always ready
To squeeze in to whatever
Your butt is wide
Tracksuit and mini skirt works
Windstoppers are sexy
Large enough to get lost to them
I will join if we use contraception / maybe reason
Is that, that you are rap, I am boom bap
And when I saw you, I was like "god damn, girl"
And you were like "yes, sir"
And I guess this is kinda silly
that you don't complain that I watch TV all day
Lovely life, lovely flower of the meadow
I dig you, you dig me
That is why we have so (x2)
When others are at work during the day
We are on a walk on streets, in park
You have lip gloss on your lips
Every day you don't pressure me [1]
But let the missile shoot out of silo
I am wearing sports sock on my head
You hold my hand
I admire your long hair
You tell me that you want 4 kids
And you don't mind that I drive without a license
And with you one can really party
We can be unemployed at the same time
And when I become a star [2]
I get you everything and even botox
We will be like MTV cribs, all day barbeque ribs
Mmm I hustle, get luxury for us
You throw Tupperware parties
And look after the kids
Lovely life, lovely flower of the meadow
I dig you, you dig me
That is why we have so (x2)
Oh, how sweet flower of the meadow
Flower of the meadow (x2)
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Comentariile autorului:

[1] sounds equally weird in Finnish
[2] literally a mogul, more slang expression for a star / famous / someone with money


Gedon Kukka

ooi kuinka suloinen gedon kukkanen,
gedon kukkanen x2
hei gedon kukkaa
mä haluun sua pukkaa
ja diggaan siitä kuinka
pukeudut joka päivä kun juhlaan

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