The city is silent [ Gradot e nem (Градот е нем) ]

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The city is silent

The city is silent
To my questions
The city is silent
To my calls
Look at it
My pale face
My smile
Colder than ice
Hear me
Because I'm Your child
Hear me
I called you from the depth
Hear me
Hear my praying voice
Hear me
And may my voice reach You
Hear me
Because I'm mourning all day
Hear me
Because I'm calling You all day
Hear me
And do not hide Your face from me
Postat de ivank23 la Sâmbătă, 16/06/2012 - 21:01
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Part of the lyrics are in Macedonian, and the other part is in Old Church Slavonic.

Дел од стиховите се на македонски, а остатокот на старословенски јазик.

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Gradot e nem (Градот е нем)

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FokkerTISM     August 25th, 2014

The original version of the song (pre-album) had this as the chorus:

И слушај ме
И слушај ме
Јас сум твое дете