versuri Hamid Askari

azucena77    May 18th, 2010

Please can someone add translation, as well as the lyrics in English alphabet for some Hamid Askari songs I love such as: Ki AAvaz Shode, and Vase Ine ke, and Vakhte Raftam, ghesmat, khandedelam gereft, setare, and Khande o gerye. I have Talfi, and if it isnt posted, I will try to post. The songs are from the albums "Coma" and "Coma 2" and I particularly love the version of Vaghte Raftam from the movie with Santoori (which I am looking for also) But please please help me. I love these songs, understand and remember some of the parts, but want to sing the whole song (to myself, and know the exact words, also correct translation, and I am learning the farsi script too, so that would also be great. I will look here, but so far I see very few translations. There is also a song Eshgheman...I think by him, and would love the translation to that if possible. But the others are more important to me. Thanks, so much a learner of this lovely language and great music.

lt    May 20th, 2010

azucena77, again, if you need lyrics translation, you should add original lyrics yourself first Wink smile and then add translation requests.

azucena77    May 18th, 2010

That was talaafi by Hamid Askari (revenge)

beedance    June 27th, 2012

I would love to get an English translation of Hamid Askari's song 'Khande O Geryeh' from the album Coma 2. I don't know Persian, so I can't post the song in order to request a translation...But I love this song and want to choreograph a dance to it. Thanks!