A Hearty Welcome! (Herzlich Willkommen)

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A Hearty Welcome!

Have you ever asked yourself:
Is it me, or is it just that everyone else has gone crazy?
Do you also believe that some things in this world can only be endured with humor and a little fun?
Then just come here,
Cause there's even more of it here:
A hearty welcome! We're set to go.
A hearty welcome with a tailwind!
A hearty welcome, the field trip starts now!
It's nice that we five aren't the only maniacs here.
Have you too sometimes thought it would be cool to completely escape the daily grind?
Have you ever laughed when you thought
what it would be like to stroll from bar to bar without a care?
Then get ready,
Cause now it's time:
It's a simple thesis, but it's true:
Everything is more fun, when you take a time out.
Those who follow all the rules never reach a happy old age.
And some who act reasonable are themselves quite mad.
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Herzlich Willkommen

Habt ihr euch mal die Frage gestellt:
Liegt’s an mir oder ist nur der Rest durchgedreht?
Glaubt ihr auch, dass man auf dieser Welt manches nur mit Humor und
mit Spaß übersteht?

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