The love needs two


I agapi theli dio(Η αγάπη θέλει δύο)

Νταλκάς βαρύς με βάρεσε
ένα κορίτσι μ' άρεσε
Πως να το ομολογήσω

Το ντέρτι μου ξεχείλισε
μ' είδε και δε μου μίλησε
πρώτη θα καθαρίσω

Ελα μαζί μου αρχόντισσα
Απόψε που τα βρόντησα
κι εδώ θα την αράξω

Λεβέντη μου κι αλήτη μου
δεν πάω απόψε σπίτι μου
μαζί σου θα το κάψω

Η αγάπη θέλει δύο
για να ζεσταθεί
Να παλέψει με το κρύο
να στεριώσει να σταθεί

Dalkas varis me varese
ena koritsi m'arese
Pos na to omoloyiso

To derti moo xehilise
m'i*the ke *then moo milise
proti tha kathariso

Ela mazi moo arhodissa
Apopse poo ta vrodisa
ki e*tho tha tin araxo

Levendi moo ki aliti moo
*then pao apopse spiti moo
mazi soo tha to kapso

I ayapi theli *thio
yia na zestathi
na palepsi me to krio
na steriosi na stathi

Comentariile autorului:
When you see "*th", you pronounce it like in the word "this" (for example the word "then" is pronounced exactly like in English)

When you see "th", you pronounce it like in the word "thunder" (for example the word "kathariso")

When you see "y", you pronounce it like in the words "yellow" and "yes" (for example the word "omoloyiso")

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The love needs two

I crashed into the love
I liked a girl so much
that I can't even talk about it

My strong feelings are loose
He saw me but he didn't talk to me
I must have it out with him..

Come with me lady..
Tonight I'm so drunk
that I think I lie down, right here

My upstanding man, my bad boy
I won't go home tonight
I'm going to have a party with you

The love needs two
to get itself warm
to fight against the cold
to hold down, to stand up...

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