Go to another guy (Idi drugome)

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Go to another guy

Girl, I could've understood everything
that you're young, that you're parents are worried
only I could've died for you
because there's no one crazier than me
Go on, go to another guy
I have my own friends
I'll wander at night, steal another girls heart
I'll rise from the dead again
You thought you'd make me yours
and change me easily
girl you didn't know how things stand
that you're actually losing me slowly
Postat de MayGoLoco la Marţi, 01/05/2012 - 10:47
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Idi drugome

Mogao sam devojko sve ja da razumem
Da si mlada, da se brinu tvoji.
Mogao sam samo ja da zbog tebe umrem,
Jer od mene luđi ne postoji.
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Ajde idi drugome,
Ja imam svoje drugove,

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