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How (or Just Like)

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just like white clouds gliding
over the treetops lighted by moonscape made of dark silence
like a wanderer’s dust scarf flapping in heavy wind right into his face

like outstretched through and through the heavens
shimmering hands of nameless constelations
and here are ours, and here are ours

like a tearless sob on a drizzly night
like guilty or not guilty verdict of conscience
that we’re still alive while so many friends
have been killed or have departed

like a tearless sob on a drizzly night
how to lick wounds so precisely inflicted
how to mend our hearts
which have been so craftly shattered

like a tearless sob on a drizzly night
measuring stone, measuring stone
i’ll stand on it, it will rest on me
it will rest on me, i’ll raise from under

like a tearless sob on a drizzly night
like a golden ball hanging above the horizont
like bright sunrise scratching sleepless eyelids

like auroras of dawn, lovely meadows below them
like sun’s warm breast, how to carry this cross on our hump
how to you my nebular sisters send this wailing song of sadness

how to run to the bitter end, and rest at last
how can one ever rest at the end?
oh, so beautiful wilderness, so beautiful wilderness


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