I sail away (Je prends le large)

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I sail away

Wanting to escape from it all
Just an urge to breathe
Don't ask me where
I don't have a trail already marked
Here is already the past
I don't have the age for regrets
Elsewhere I know I will live
A new day
Tonight I'm sailing away
Without knowing where I'll go
I'll just follow the stars
Oh Oh Oh Oh..
Tonight I'm sailing away
I'm living my destiny
My road is my liberty
Oh Oh Oh Oh..
I go away to find myself back
I have to recreate my life
I'll see if I was wrong
I don't have the age for remorse
Turning every light green
Crossing every border
Elsewhere, I know I will live
A new day
I'm sailing away
My heart stars throbbing
Taking a new start, all over new
Elsewhere, I know I will live
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Je prends le large

Vouloir m'échapper de tout
Juste une envie de respirer
Ne me demandez pas où
Je n'ai pas de chemin tracé

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