Remember [ Jìde (記得) ]

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☆ Whoever remembers?
Who said they would love me forever?
Words from the past
Will be our wound in the future
A long time later
We've both forgotten the tenderness
You and I, hand in hand
Will walk together till the end
We've forgotten
How long we walked this road
Deep inside, we know for sure
That one day, one day, it will all end
Time will tell the truth
However, I'm scared
Now that the sun is set
Because we don't know what will become of us
We're both tired
But there's no way back
Our hearts are at a loss
Whatever happens, it can't possibly be saved
But why, my love?
Perhaps you don't know either
Two lovers
Waiting for each other to explain their breakup
Whoever remembers
When our love started to change?
Within our eyes
We saw different skies
We walked too far
And ended up in the middle of crossroads
Does it mean that you and me
Both need have opposite dreams?
You and I, hand in hand
Will walk together till the end
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Jìde (記得)


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