Kaja's Letter (Kaja's Letter)

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Kaja's Letter

Hi Alexander!
It came even more snow today!
Selma, Iselin and I went on skiing to the crows castle
Which is a little hut we made in a tree some place from the house
We brought chocolate cake as food to the hut,
The world's best mom cake!
Afterwards, we jumped into the snow,
We gave the chocolate cake crumbs to the chickens,
They love everything we give them of human food,
Even the jelly with custard!
The sheeps bleated, and also wanted food,
But they only got lots of hugs
Now I will play the violin,
I'm practising to play what you taught me,
Hope you soon will come to visit!
Tons of contryhugs from Kaja!
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Kaja's Letter