Start counting [ Katse Kai Metra (Κάτσε και μέτρα) ]

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Start counting

All the things you said are shivers and dust
I’m doomed in here in tiring nights like this
To look at your wounds
Start counting how many apologies
Have I heard from you
How many “I leave now”, how many “it’s gonna be for a little”
And even more easy said “I love you”
Start counting the promises
Relationships are not drink shots
You stole some time, you changed your way
Having provoked a great damage
Maybe I forget all these some day
Even if I mix the drinks
I’ll reach to the well-known dead-end
And then I’ll break everything in front of me
Postat de constantinoscartman la Miercuri, 31/08/2011 - 08:27
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Katse Kai Metra (Κάτσε και μέτρα)

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