Stone City (Kivilinn)

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Stone City

The cold weather greets me again
The day begins for everyone,
Its name is "routine"
The grey weather is on the streets, on the paths
A dream, blue eyes, your place isn't here
This is a stone fortress
Where, from the streets, from the grey,
Our nighttime roads form before the evening
In this city, you learn the truths that live
When it becomes a privelege that yesterday's mistakes disappear
But you know, you choose your own path
...further on from yourself
You say that you're only happy together with me
This city robbed those feelings
The night smells like such cloyingly hot summer heat here
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My translation has prob got errors in it... correct it if you like!

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Külm ilm tervitab mind jälle
Algab päev me kõigi jaoks,
Ta nimi on Rutiin
Hall ilm tänavatel, teedel
Unistaja, sinisilm, su koht ei ole siin
Sel on kivine kindlus,

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