Life is Party

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Life is Party

in the old days, a great man in India, in the wind of the color of saffron
said "Life is Maya"
if our lives are successions of misunderstandings
Life is Party, in the Nada beach
a paraglider have flown away

when ten years have passed, we'll dump toys and comic books
Life is Party, so you don't need to care about this
there isn't a paradise, there can't be a paradise
a friend keep saying "Life is Party"

the sky on that day will say
the sky on that day will say
someday our sorrow will be gone

if ten years have passed, let us take a trip, I wanna go to the southern country
everyone would be surprised, I'm sure
Life is Party, in my heart
a lamp is burning softly
even my friends don't know about it, they haven't noticed it yet

the sky on that day will say
the sky on that day will say
Life is Party, it will last tomorrow and forever

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Life is Party

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