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Lili Marlen

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In front of the barrack, in front of its large gate
There was a lantern
And still it's standing there
Let's meet again in the lantern's shine
Let's be standing underneath of it
Like Lili Marleen used to do
Like Lili Marleen used to do
Both of our shadows looked like a single one
That we loved each other
Everyone could conclude
And all the people may see it well
As we stand underneath the lantern
Like Lili Marleen used to do
Like Lili Marleen used to do
The sentry was already calling,
They bugled the last post
"That may cost you three days!"
"Comrade, I'll be right in!"
That was when we had to say goodbye
How I wished I could go with you
With you, Lili Marleen
With you, Lili Marleen
It knows the sound of your steps
The lovely way you walk
It's burning each and every night
But about me it has forgotten since a long time
And should a woe happen to me -
Who'll be the one, standing by the lantern with you?
With you, Lili Marleen?
With you, Lili Marleen?
From the realm of silence
From the earthen grounds
Lifts me like I'm dreaming oh your lovely mouth
When nightly mists are drifting
I'll be standing by the lantern
Like once Lili Marleen
Like once Lili Marleen
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Lili Marlen

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Kiki55    Miercuri, 18/10/2017 - 18:08

Hi - the translation is very intersting as it translates a verse that is there in the original German version, but not in this very song lyrics as it is posted here. This is because in Marlene Dietrich's version of the song this verse was left out. It is only in the version sung by Lale Andersen.

The verse in German is:
Schon rief der Posten, sie blasen Zapfenstreich
Es kann drei Tage kosten, Kamerad, ich komm ja gleich
Da sagten wir auf Wiedersehen
Wie gerne wollt ich mit dir geh’n
Mit dir, Lili Marleen

But you can see for yourself, it is not there