Girls, Love [ Lyubite devushki (Любите девушки) ]

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Girls, Love

Both right in the calm, right in the strom
Ships sail in blue sea
Maybe it's tre reason that all sailers know
What ocean of love is

This brave guys can overcome all trouble*
Guiding star helps them

Girls, love ordinary romantics,
Brave pilots and saiors.
Girls, leave home boys
They don't deserve your love

A fast plan painted in the sky -
"I love you" with white footprint
Who can say happy birthday to agirl
how a pilot can?

Postat de ЦойЖив la Sâmbătă, 21/04/2012 - 13:03
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word by word - a trouble isn't a trouble for them

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Lyubite devushki (Любите девушки)

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