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My Love

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Now, when nothing obvious is left;
you're on your way to me.
After I've lost almost all faith that we can ever love like this again;
maybe for a mere moment, maybe.
As if the loving girl's eyes have already forgot
the weight of your parting hand, on that night.
My love,
what have I become?
Crying and laughing,
In your eyes, I will always be different.
My love,
what have I become?
Forgotten by your heart
but your glance remains with me
So come back, re-discover me.
Where is it that you're going, my love?
Where are your feet taking you,
and in hope to find what?
We had our consolation, my love,
never waged no battles, throughout all those nights.
These tears, building up in your eyes,
are burning in my eyes as well.
And the years carved on your face
have passed for me too.
Of all we had together, nothing is left;
Just the pain in my chest.
And form all of my old hopes
what's left inside me? only that moment.
And all of yesterday's games are now far behind
With the songs of that other women,
which's name I cannot recall.
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Mami (מאמי)

אחרי שכמעט לא נשאר כלום שמובן מאליו
אתה בדרך אלי
אחרי שכמעט לא האמנתי שככה נאהב
רק לרגע אולי
עיני הילדה האוהבת כמו שכחו
את כובד ידך העוזבת בלילה ההוא

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