Who gives you the right [ Me Poio Dikaioma (Με ποιο δικαίωμα) ]

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Who gives you the right

Look how
our love
that we thought would live forever
how it ends
Look how
we'll be the rule and not the exception
with a mere goodbye
Look how
the winter got the opportunity
to nest inside my chest
and suddenly we're two again
Who gives you the right to close the door?
Who gives you the right to leave me alone?
After all I've done for you
you're throwing me in the dirty laundry like a shirt
like the smoke in unfinished cigarettes
Who gives you the right to live without me?
Look how
from now on
I'll have to ignore you
if I see you across the street
Look at us
two people who
paved a path
Look how
now I have to remove
your name from the door-bell
what an irony, what an irony!
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Me Poio Dikaioma (Με ποιο δικαίωμα)

Κοίτα να δεις
που η αγάπη αυτή
που λέγαμε θα ζει για πάντα,
πώς τελειώνει
Κοίτα να δεις
που από εξαίρεση θα γίνουμε κανόνας
μ' ένα απλό αντίο

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