Wicked Game [ Melanconia (Wicked Game) ]

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Wicked Game

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Without you I see no blue skies.
Without you the sun no longer shines.
I never expected to love a woman like this.
I never expected to be so afraid.
So much sadness
So much sadness
Inside me.
You know for a thousand nights and a thousand days
I do nothing but think of you.
For a thousand nights you never answered me.
For a thousand days you have no reply.
Ah such sadness
So much sadness
For you.
Postat de tango.frank la Sâmbătă, 25/02/2012 - 10:55
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These words are completely different from the Chris Isaak song, but use the same basic music and the words echo the feeling of the original song. This translation may not be the best translation but it does translate the word reasonably closely.

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Melanconia (Wicked Game)

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