Motia, Jasmine (Flower Names) [ Motiya Chameli ]

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Motia, Jasmine (Flower Names)

Motiya, Chameli, Bela, Ketaki, Dharek, Phull Taramira, Saron te Phalaayi de
Kesu, Kachnaar, Shareeh & Amaltaas, I grow all these flowers just for you...
I'll tuck a Ketaki in your tresses, see that it doesn't fritter away...
And I'll pluck lacs of bluish violet buds of Dharek, to scatter on your veil;
Feathery brushes of 'Chari' I'll turn into a Paraanda & pleat your braid; & dot your veil's edges with ' Sanh's' bushy
We'll make broad bangles, nexklace, a 'tikka', anklets & eardrops from 'Alsi'.
And I wait for wheat-shots to turn golden to make hair clips.
With hair pleaded into tiny braids, and chnni around your neck, your charm will tease the world.
Honor the poor blooms of the 'Kikkar' & make one or two rings.
Sweet-smelling florets are falling off the Eucalyptus, kiss them.
The world plucks buds that dangle from branches, let's value blooms fallen on the floor.
I've planted a fragrant 'Marua', come & feed it water with your beautiful hands;
And I've got a lehnga made out of an ivy, just wear and show if it fits...
And I'll dot its edges with wads of 'Kaahi', so that you can wear it in the sunny days of early Spring...
When we plant a Gulmohar, embroider the Phulkari with its blooms.
And to sprout white flowers on your crimson kurti, come visiting for three four days
We have to travel Malwa because there is no cotton buds in Doaba.
Golden strands of corn will be my turban's plume & the dowry will be its grains,
We'll color our veils & turbans pink, and Sartaaj will line his eyes with Kohl too,
When bamboos come to flower, dreams are wedded then, to find their face....
Footnotes: Motiya: The Jasmine buds- Chameli: Jasmine flower, Bela: A small white flower
Ketaki: Pandanous- a fragrant wild flower that grows on a shrub
Dharek: A tree that gives a pleasant shade in summers...(Lilac)
Taramira: off white bulbous flowers
Saron: Mustard flowers, which are a soft yellow, delicate & fragrant
Kesu: Bright yellow-orange flowers that look like dried daisies, somewhat feathery in appearance
Kachnaar: A Bauhinia tree with pink blossoms that are a delicacy...
Amaltaas...The Golden Shower Tree with bright yellow blossoms
Paraanda- a rope-like traditional cloth-knitted ribbon that village women braid along their plaits...
Gajra- a string of flowers that women tied around their hair,
Haar- a necklet
Tikka- a round stud worn by brides on their foreheads,
Jhanjhar - anklet,
Kurti - a woman's shirt ( waistcoat)
Sanh - Hemp, Charee - Sorghum bulgare, Alsi - Lin Seed, Lehnga -Skirt
Kikkar- Acacia Arabica, Marua - Artinicia Elegans, Kaahi - Mass
Gulmohar- Painciana Regio, Phulkari - Embroidered Sheet
Malwa - A Region of Punjab
Doaba - Area between river Satluj & Beas in Punjab, India.
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Motiya Chameli

khuda toh maan g ke jajbe udhaare
koi aag laa gaya mehfil ch shayad
g ashiq waaleya naina de hanju koi chidka gaa shayada
haan sura lafjo nu de ke jindgaani hai koi gaa gaya mehfil ch shayad
g nvaiya nazma sajjre geet laike Satinder aa gaya mehfil ch shayad
Motiya Chameli Bella Ketki Dhrek phull Tara Meera Saron te Falahi de
Kaisu, Kachnar ni Sahreeh te Amaltas tere layi hi khetan ch ugaai de

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