Thank you, my dearest mother (Mulțumesc, iubită mamă)

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Thank you, my dearest mother

Thank you, my dearest mother
My morning star!
Without you I am scared
that the planet will cool down.
I've been using up your forces,
You raised me, you glorified me
For you, dear mother,
Sunset is near.
Beautiful mother, my first paradise,
Make a miracle, please, stay a little more!
Sweet light, olive branch,
It isn't time yet, just stay a little longer !
Mysterious laws of nature,
Don't go without leaving me
the foundations of love,
Mummy, great soul,
And the secret of immortality,
Mummy, great soul !
Thank you, my dearest mother,
my dearest mother, my dearest mother...
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Mulțumesc, iubită mamă

Mulțumesc, iubită mamă,
Steaua mea din zori de zi!
Fără tine îmi este teamă
Că planeta s-ar răci.

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