How I Loved You (Nasıl Sevmiştim)

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How I Loved You

I wrote songs for you
You'd been heard by millions
Do I deserve this?
Is this the way you were gonna go?
You've taken away my lights you made me longing for you
You've turned my life to hell
I've climbed many hills
I've knocked down many walls
I had starved in love desert
I've sheltered in you
In this friendship sea
I had loved and been loved
In a dream of happiness
I've been defeated by you
Damn it, I can't
Damn it, I don't have any authority
How I loved you
I gave you my life
Everyone heard it
You made me suffer
Was this your love?
Postat de Jansay la Duminică, 22/01/2012 - 15:13
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